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The New Normal

AMERICA is reopening for business are you ready!!!

In our efforts to return to some sort of normalcy we have realized one thing for sure. Cleaning will never be the same!!!. Germs, handwashing, and our overall well being are at the forefront of our minds.

Conscientious cleaning is very important and needed while we return to work and school. Consider making Christian Bros. Facility Management Group your ally in combating these germs. We desire to create a cleaning plan to remove the pain point of the daily task of removing dirt, grime, and germs to stay safe in the workplace, schools, and church.


Our Company

We are a dynamic duo that leads a great team of professional cleaners.  Our goal is to continually strives to ensure our customers have a thoroughly clean, and pristine environment for their staff and customers alike. 


Licensed and Insured With Over 25 Years Experience.

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